Logos process automation smallMost of the mobile water treatment systems Logisticon designed and constructed are plug & play units with their own automation. The client can choose the automation hardware they prefer - Logisticon is well known with most of the A-brands of hardware automation. 

The basis for the realisation of the software is the functional description that Logisticon makes with regard to the water treatment processes. This description will be used by the programmer to make the software. After mechanical and electrical completion of the unit the system will be dry tested first - loading software and I/O testing - and after approval of this activity the system will be wet tested. These tests can be witnessed by the client where we prefer to have future operators present if possible. The best way to understand how the installation is operated is to be present from the beginning and that is with testing of the unit.

The client also has the possibility to provide their own hardware and software if wished for. Logisticon will work together with the client to get the complete automation package needed. 

The fact that the systems are mobile also means that communication is very important. Internet technology is increasingly being used for this purpose. Also alarm handling and datalogging needs to be realized. Logisticon can help the client with the available 'mobile' automation solutions.


Reliable and good manufactured software gives a reliable and good working water treatment system!