Logisticon Water Treatment b.v. (Logisticon) is a family owned company and was founded in 1988. The company enjoys the reputation as one of the leading producers / suppliers of ground water remediation and water treatment systems for process water and waste water. A reputation based on our specialist know-how, our ongoing research into the implementation of new technologies, and our tried-and-tested ability to solve practical problems. 

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Good things always attract attention. Which is why more and more customers are turning to Logisticon. The projects carried out by Logisticon differs in size and complexity. If you take a look on the general website of Logisticon you will find the scope of work that we carry out and lots of interesting references: www.logisticon.com. The website in front of you shows the experience of Logisticon with regard to designing and manufacturing of plug and play containerized / mobile water treatment systems. A speciality of Logisticon which is unique with its quality provided.

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 Rental business (containerized)

Next to realizing new built projects Logisticon is also the biggest rental equipment supplier of Europe. Rental equipment like sand and active carbon filtration, lamella separators, flotation units, stripping towers but also membrane applications (UF, RO and MBR) and many more. The rental equipment also includes equipment for piloting of different types of water. Pilots of Logisticon have been sent all over the world for different clients - OEMs, engineering companies and end-users.

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The level of professionalism of a flexible organisation is determined by the people working at that organisation. Logisticon has also proven its worth in this area. Everybody knows that knowledge is a very valuable asset. But knowledge loses its cutting edge when the people who possess it are not committed to the job. All the people working in the Logisticon organisation are very much aware that the company’s success is due to their sincere commitment in every project for every customer. That is why you can be assured of a rapid response to any requests or questions you might have. And our engineers will keep on looking for the application and implementation of total solutions – if necessary, based on new ideas and technologies – until they have found it. Because we believe in giving a new impetus to the concept of a ‘customer-oriented work philosophy’. After all, if you are capable of providing your customers with demonstrated added value and continuity - you can create the desire and the ability to play a significant role in the longer term. Logisticon will be glad to introduce you to the benefits of this unique business philosophy. 

Logisticon: for clear-cut advice and the best results.