Logisticon is able to manufacture complete plug and play installations in house. Our production facility consists of a construction department for steel, stainless steel and plastic like Poly Ethylene (PE / HDPE), Poly Propylene (PP) and PVC. Components made by Logisticon and components from suppliers like pumps, valves, instrumentation are assembled in our assembly workshop.Assemblage afdeling Logisticon

When the mechanical assembly advances also the electrical manufacturing takes place. Logisticon owns a daughter company called Elmon who is specialised in electrical installations for water treatment, power / generators, utilities and automation. When the electrical design is completed Elmon starts manufacturing the electrical cabinets. As soon as the mechanical assembly progresses also the electrical installation is carried out by installing cabinet, cable trays and cabling.

Productie RVS afdeling

After mechanical and electrical completion the system is tested with regard to pressure and I/O testing before the automation (software) is installed. All systems are water tested in combination with the software. In this way all containerized installations are completely plug and play tested and ready to start up when the system comes on site.