When issues involve any aspect of water and waste water treatment or compliance, Logisticon has the experienced technical staff to meet the challenge. The process engineers are familiar with the standard water purification techniques for fysical and chemical water treatment (filtration, settling, aeration, flotation, and so on) but also biological techniques (aerobic and anaerobic). Next to it Logisticon has a strong focus and wide experience in membrane filtration used for drinking and process water (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis) but also waste water (MBR). artikel AiRO 2

Logisticon works with all kinds of partners in various research programmes (Netherlands, European Projects) to develop new techniques or by implementing newly developed techniques at end users. An example of such technique is the AiRO - click on the picture on the right to read this amazing technique.

Logisticon can make more than one design of the necessary water treatment steps needed to purify the water source up to the water quality that is needed by the client. We however do not focus on one type of water treatment but look for the best available treatment. Next to investment costs needed to realize the water treatment system Logisticon also reviews the cost for exploitation of the installation - this method of making a design will give the client the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).