Standard Logisticon:

heater ventilation containerThe mobile containers are standard foreseen with vent openings in combination with a ventilator. Besides the regulation of the air ventilation the container also contains an electrical heater with automatic thermostat. With these two systems the basic climate control can be realised. 

Options for climate control:

Extensive air cooling: Some installation need more cooling capacity which can be created by means of an extensive ventilator system. The ventilators are normally placed on the roof. 

Air drying: The best way to extent the lifetime of your equipment and to keep it into good condition is to dry the air in the container till a certain level (prevention of condensation of moist). 

Air conditioning: When the containerised installation is placed in areas where the outside temperature is high the container is often foreseen with an air conditioning unit. This can be a split airco unit (roof or wall mounted) or a single unit (wall mounted). The airco unit can also be integrated with an electrical cabinet (to keep temperature in cabinet below a certain temperature level).

Examples of such climate control options are shown below.