After completion and approval of the 3D design of the mobile water treatment system the construction can start of the container. The foreseen type of container is delivered to our construction department after it has been completely sand-blasted (clean steel).container-sand-blasted

Every container will be foreseen with a standard door. This door can be made on every position possible. Besides the door(s) the container will have openings for ventilation, connection points for piping and electrical connections (frame openings). Also special hatches / doors can be made to be able to bring in chemicals (for example fluid poly electrolyte in cubitainer) or for accessibility during maintenance. Each opening in a container wall, door or ceiling needs to be reinforced to give the container its strength back or making it stronger. 

frames within container

The water treatment installation that will be installed is also integrated with the container. This means that pumps and blowers, piping, frames, electrical cabinets and other equipment are fixated with the container where needed. To make sure that the container is strong enough Logisticon reinforces the container on places where equipment will be mounted to the wall (like cabinets / piping) or floor (like pumps / frames). If needed also reinforcement underneath the container can be necessare when heavy duty equipment is placed (decanters, large pumps, tanks). The position of the reinforcement and the necessary strength is determined in the design phase.

Sometimes the containerised system consists out of more than one container or a container in combination with tanks. In that case also railing can be foreseen on top of the container or on the side including platforms. A good example of such system is shown as example in the Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) section (Large MBR system). 

The containers can also be foreseen with integrated steel tanks - one or more water compartments can be made within the container. The photo on the right gives an example of a container with several water compartments (hatches on top of the container). In this way the container consists out of a dry and a wet compartment.