As soon as the reconstruction of the container is completed the container will be sand-blasted where needed and will be foreseen with a three layer coating. The in-/ and outside of the container will first get a zinc layer.Container stickered The outside of the container will  then be foreseen with a primer followed by a 2 component lacquer layer in the colour specification of the client. This type of coating on the outside of the container gives it the quality it needs to last for years. 

Sometimes the client wants to have more exposure with the specific containerized system. In that respect Logisticon can foresee the container for example with the logo of the client or can use stickering for marketing purposes (see photo).


Logisticon uses standard containers and after making the necessary reinforcements the container walls and ceiling will be insulated by using fiberglass insulation covered by waterproof plates as shown in the photo. There are also opportunities for using other type of insulation.


A standard 20ft or 40ft container has a wooden floor. This kind of floor is off course not suitable for mobile installations where water treated. Logisticon therefore uses button plated aluminium floors. This floor is made waterproof and sealed all around the walls of the container. The aluminium button plated floor is Logisticon standard. 

When the installations within the container has more chance of leakage or when the installation is for example a chemical storage facility the option is present to use a glassfiber reinforced floor. This type of floor is chemically resistant and also very strong.

 Insulationglassfiber floorisolatie