Logisticon designs of mobile containerized systems are unique. What the client wishes regarding functionality - Logisticon can realize it. Some of the design options which are possible are:

  • container combination trailerCombined working / office container and installation;
  • Sideways openings in container / Special doors (automatic functionality) / Balustrades along the container;
  • Close coupled containers - inter connection of containers - for example to realize a pipe bridge through more than one container;
  • Container installation on height - realization of a frame where the container can be installed upon. In this way the bottom of the container can also be used as opening for decanter systems, filling systems and so on;
  • Container which is foreseen with sun panels for external power generation;
  • Lifting gear integrated within the container for maintenance purposes;
  • .....

Take a look on some of the references Logisticon has built in the past 25 years. Quality makes the difference!

 container installation on heightopen construction containerConstruction top container