Containers are available in a variety of types and dimensions. The most common containers Logisticon uses are the standard 20ft and 40ft containers – in standard height as well as in high cube height. If we are dealing with small water treatment systems also 10ft containers are used.

 Size Length (m) Width (m) Height (m)
 10 ft  3,00 2,44 2,59 
 20 ft 6,06 2,44 2,59 
 20 ft high cube 6,06 2,44 2,89 
 30 ft 9,06 2,44 2,59 
 30 ft high cube 9,06 2,44 2,89 
 40 ft 12,2 2,44 2,59 
 40 ft high cube 12,2 2,44 2,89 
 45 ft 13,6 2,44 2,59 
 45 ft highcube 13,6 2,44 2,89 

The containers used in projects are one time used containers. They are constructed in China and after the first trip to Europe (loaded with goods) the containers are checked and if OK they will be used for realizing mobile water treatment systems. 

The table on the right shows the dimensions of the most common used  containers. The containers have ISO dimensions and are foreseen with stamped CSC plates. The standard version has double doors on one end of the container. The option is possible to get double doors on both sides.

In case a system needs to be build for offshore purposes the container needs to be produced in accordance with the DNV 2.7-1 EN12079 regulation. The sizing of a 20ft offshore container is the same as a standard container with some differences in strength and other type of corner castings (called Pad Eye corners). 

Corner casting offshore

 container afbeelding40ft standaard

 The type of container which is used in a project will be selected by Logisticon. Based on years of experience we can determine which size (length and height) container is needed and if needed a combination of containers can be used (see combined systems).