Mobile power supply systems are needed when no power is available on site. These power supply systems mostly are diesel / gas generators but also other power equipment is used like solar power. Depending on the requirement of power the power generators can be integrated within a containerized water treatment system (see Clean In Place (CIP) System) or as completely containerized power generators. Underneath some references are shown of different kind of power supply systems.

Containerized Power Supply Systems

The containerized power supply systems vary in capacity from 50 to 3500 kVA. Built in containers from 10ft up to 40ft long. Some examples of containerized systems are shown below.

  • Mobile Power Supply - 20ft - 1
  • Mobile Power Supply - 20ft - 2
  • Mobile Power Supply - 20ft - 3
  • Mobile Power Supply - 40ft - 1
  • Mobile Power Supply - 40ft - 2

Solar Power for containerized systems

The mobile water treatment system in the 20ft containerized system needed to have a power supply of its own. The client wanted to use solar power! The power requirement was however bigger than the amount of power that could be generated with just the roof area of the container. That's why a design was chosen to make a hydraulic folding system in order to realize a solar power area twice as big. 

  • Solar power 1
  • Solar power 2

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems in containers

Electricity is most efficiently generated in conjunction with district heating or industrial heating and steam production (combined heat and power, or CHP). Underneath a CHP system for production of 2 mega-watt (MW). Such a system can be installed for various purposes like power supply for boiler systems, city heating and power supply of complete residential or industrial areas. This 2 MW CHP system is constructed out of two 20ft containerized units. 

  • CHP1
  • CHP2
  • CHP3