Electrodeionization is a technology that Logisticon has used in realized water treatment systems in two ways:

1. As polisher to remove the last ions out of the water. Logisticon has implemented the EDI technology of Ionpure in systems where RO permeate - preferably permeate from a double pass RO - needs to be purified to ultra pure water. The references below show 2 containerized systems including this technology.

2. As an alternative to Nanofiltration other type of EDI systems are available. With this technology water can be desalinated up to a certain level (from 50 upt to 90 %). The technology as mentioned by '1.' is for removal of the last ions (some ppm to ppb) while this technology is used for desalination of brackish water. Logisticon has experience with technology of GE - EDR (ElectroDialysisReversal). Logisticon has designed a skid mounted pilot unit which can be placed within a standard 20ft container.  

Mobile EDI for production of ultrapure water - capacity net 50 m3/h

Logisticon has realised a mobile EDI system for a client who already owned a large mobile RO fleet. This client is able to use this mobile EDI unit in combination with a single or double pass (mobile) RO in front of it to be able to deliver the end user ultrapure water. Especially the power industry has sometimes the request for temporary supply of ultrapure water due to maintenance of the power station. The EDI system used is from Ionpure which Logisticon has assembled on skid including the complete electrical installation and automation

  • Mobile EDI 20ft Container - Feed pump and piping permeate
  • Mobile EDI 20ft Container - Feed side including filter and pump phase
  • Mobile EDI 20ft Container - Front view EDI unit
  • Mobile EDI 20ft Container - Outside view container incl electrical connection and main entrance
  • Mobile EDI 20ft Container - Total view EDI system

EDI as part of a mobile containerized system - capacity net 2 x 25 m3/h

Logisicon has realized a combined system for the production of ultrapure water out of drinking water for a power generation plant. The combined system exists out of a automatic pre-filtration, double pass reverse osmosis (RO) followed by EDI. The system was designed in two redundant streets of each 2 x 25 m3/h.

  • EDI as part of combined RO and EDI system
  • EDI in 40ft combined containerized system - front view - 2 x 25 m3 per hour
  • EDI in 40ft combined containerized system - inside view with auto CIP system