There are  many ways to realize water storage tanks (with or without equipment like mixers, aeration, etcetera). If these water storage tanks needs to be mobile like the containerized systems Logisticon can foresee in standalone water tanks or in integrated water tanks inside the container. Below you will find examples of standard (standalone) and integrated tanks.  

Standard Tanks

The standard containers can be delivered with or without covers (sail cloth or hard covers). The containers are sometimes foreseen with corner-castings for transport purposes. The examples also show the different client colors which can be foreseen.

  • External storage tanks 1
  • External storage tanks 2
  • External storage tanks 3
  • External storage tanks 4
  • External storage tanks 5 - Top mounted on container

Biology tanks - Integrated in containers 

The integrated tanks are constructed within the standard container and are foreseen with hatches to be able to enter the tank or to place equipment. The tanks are completely separated from the dry compartment of the container where the equipment and electrical systems are installed. The integrated tanks can be feed water, product water, backwash water, biology and so on. It can also be multiple integrated tanks. Next to steel (coated) integrated tanks Logisticon can also realize integrated tanks out of Polypropylene (PP) or Polyethylene (PE) - and still separate the tank from the dry part of the containerized system.

  • Biology tanks integrated within standard container 1
  • Biology tanks integrated within standard container 2
  • Biology tanks integrated within standard container 3
  • Biology tanks integrated within standard container 4
  • Biology tanks integrated within standard container 5

Oil Water Separators

Other small tanks Logisticon realizes are Oil-Water-Separators (OWS). These tanks can be made in different sizes and are foreseen with baffles, skimmer and optional an coalescence filter. Similar tanks are also made for air treatment by means of compost or air active carbon. 

  • Moibile Oil water separator 1
  • Moibile Oil water separator 2
  • Moibile Oil water separator 3
  • Moibile Oil water separator 4
  • Moibile Oil water separator 5