Logisticon has been working on MBR projects since the beginning of the development of MBR membranes - submerged membranes like Puron, Zenon, Kubota, Litree or over-pressure (cross-flow) membranes like Berghof and X-flow. A number of clients have built their MBR system as a containerized system and even as a mobile unit (especially MBR units with testing / pilot purpose). 

Next three systems are shown based on containerised systems using submerged membranes. The largest unit yet built by Logisticon has a capacity of 
approximately 100 m3/h (7.200 m2 membrane area). 

Small MBR Containerised Unit

This system was design for treatment of leachate. Capacity of the systems is around 10 - 12 m3/h using Puron membranes (2 x 600 m2) - Koch Membrane Systems. 

  • MBR 20ft Container - Including integrated membrane and permeate compartment
  • MBR 20ft Container - Inside view of technical compartement
  • MBR 20ft Container - Inside view of technical compartment - behind back wall is integrated membrane compartment
  • MBR 20ft Container - Placed in test area to test complete automation dry and wet tested
  • MBR 20ft Container - Top view of membrane tank - Insulation of permeate piping foreseen HDPE  aeration piping

Large MBR Containerised Unit

This system exists out of three membrane streets of each 30 to 40 m3/h. Three separate membrane tanks inclusive platforms around the tanks. Equipment is placed within the 40ft container. System is placed in the south of Chile - South America.

  • MBR Container 40ft - Inside view of circulation pumps in the back and permeate pumps in the front
  • MBR Container 40ft - Inside view with chemical dosing cabinets and elecrical cabinet
  • MBR Container 40ft - Inside view with compressor installation and permeate pump and tanks
  • MBR Container 40ft including 3 separate membrane tanks - placement of 4 submerged modules. All piping stainless steel
  • MBR Container 40ft including membrane tanks and platforms for acces. Plug and play tested before shipping to client

Pilot MBR Containerised Unit

This container unit has been developed for MBR pilot research at clients. A system containing 140 m2 membrane area - approximately  1,2 - 2,5 m3/h system. Fully automated and controllable from a distance (have been in operation in Sweden, Thailand, Belgium, etcetera

  • Pilot MBR 20ft container - Coupled to biology - Anaerobic and Aerobic treatment
  • Pilot MBR 20ft container - Dosing system for MBR and biology dosing from jerry cans
  • Pilot MBR 20ft container - Inside view of container
  • Pilot MBR 20ft container - Membrane tank
  • Pilot MBR 20ft container - Submerged membranes - capacity 15 - 25 m3 per hour