Logisticon Water Treatment is one of the major suppliers in Europe with regard to rental of mobile water treatment equipment including related rental services. Logisticon uses all kinds of proven water purification technologies that may be deployed as stand-alone or combined for temporary or emergency needs. The modular water treatment equipment setup guarantees that we can compose almost each requested water treatment scheme and capacity. Capacities start from 1 m3/h and go beyond capacities of 2000 m3/h. 

The following typical mobile water treatment solution systems can be rented for emergency water treatment, short term mobile water solutions, but also for medium term and long term rental:

  • Mobile sand filtersFlyer-Rental-Solutions
  • Mobile flotation systems
  • Mobile lamella separators and mobile tilted plate separators
  • Mobile active carbon filters
  • Mobile aerators
  • Mobile reverse osmosis units
  • Mobile ultrafiltration systems
  • Mobile oil water separators
  • Mobile storage tanks
  • Mobile chemical dosing systems
  • Mobile stripping towers
  • Mobile pumps

More specific information about these mobile solutions can be found on the right side menu or by contacting Logisticon.


Logisticon Water Treatment provides temporary water treatment where and when you need it!